Why we sold our Airstream

Early this spring I pulled our Airstream out of storage, but this time not to get ready for another camping season. Instead, because we sold our beloved Airstream! Why would we sell the Airstream that we enjoyed so much, you ask? The reason is so simple it may seem nonsensical to some, however it was important enough to us that we pulled the trigger and the Airstream is gone. First, we need to get something straight, we mostly loved the Airstream of which we have no regrets about buying or owning. This won’t be an Airstream bashing post, just some …

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Solo Stove Fire Pit promises less smoke, does it deliver?

We love sitting around a camp fire, but dislike the smoke blowing in our faces. While in Door County at a campground the topic of a how nice it would be to have a portable fire pit we could use in places that don’t have a fire ring, not surprisingly while sitting around a camp fire. When Santa came this year, he brought me a Solo Stove Fire Pit. I was intrigued by the promise of less smoke due to the “Signature 360° Airflow Design™” My first thought was, “yeah right, how is that thing supposed to reduce the amount …

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