Solo Stove Fire Pit promises less smoke, does it deliver?

We love sitting around a camp fire, but dislike the smoke blowing in our faces. While in Door County at a campground the topic of a how nice it would be to have a portable fire pit we could use in places that don’t have a fire ring, not surprisingly while sitting around a camp fire.

When Santa came this year, he brought me a Solo Stove Fire Pit. I was intrigued by the promise of less smoke due to the “Signature 360° Airflow Design™” My first thought was, “yeah right, how is that thing supposed to reduce the amount of smoke?” Well, we had a fire in it last weekend and the fire pit far exceeded my smokey expectations. There are grates in the bottom and air holes around the top inside edge where air can flow freely. After using the fire pit, I’m sold and think it’s a great design. Watch the oxygen coming out of the holes reburn the smoke.

You can clearly see the holes in the bottom feeding air to the fire. The result is much less smoldering and which mean much less smoke. Since the fire burns hotter there is much less ash and charred wood than a normal fire. We like!

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