The variety of places you can stay if you have a RV...


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This is why I love our RV.. we can stay pretty much anywhere. Missouri State Fair, Stockton Lake and in the middle of nowhere Illinois. We did stay at gma's for a day also. With our new 400w of solar we didn't plug in once last weekend, with fall coming it's cool enough to get away from the AC.



We've stayed in many different venues that allow overnight parking, including; Living History Farms in Des Moines, Wineries, Breweries, Museums, The Golden Spike visitors center in North Platte, NE, and yes even a few WalMarts, but never truck stops. We do plan on doing more boondocking after we retire. We really enjoy taking our house with us on the road :)
I really enjoy just stopping anywhere where I am allowed to park. Having a passenger van, I find safe places to park overnight and sleep or spend the day enjoying the view.
I have spent overnights at walmart up north in MI where a spot is hard to find and expensive.