Installing TPMS sensors in Goodyear G114 215/75R17.5 trailer tires


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I took the wheels off the New Horizons trailer and took them to my buddy's shop to put TPMS sensors in them. Our 2021 Chevy HD comes with a TPMS system for both the truck and trailer tires.

I wrote about the saga of truck size valve stems here:

The G114 load range H tires are heavy, just the tire is 60 lbs. My guess is the tire and wheel together is about 90 lbs. Removing the original valve stems and installing the TPMS sensor/valve stems is not a difficult job. However, because these tires a so thick and stiff, it's almost impossible without a tire machine.



I used the leveling jacks to raise the trailer to remove the tires. No hand jacking required! This is a pretty good shot of the Morryde trailing link suspension. The disk brakes are highly effective!

They work VERY well! Towing down from the Eisenhower tunnel in a couple days and will need them.