When your trailer has large (.625") valve stem holes and you have TPMS sensors with small (.453") stems.


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When I ordered our new truck, I also selected the GM option for four trailer TPMS sensors. Knowing almost nothing about valve stems and TPMS sensors, I thought the GM supplied kit would work for the new trailer. I did some reading, made a couple phone calls and discovered the rims on our H rated trailer tires have the large .625" valve stem holes.

Doing more research, I found two companies that make .625" metal valve stems. The hope was I could use the GM supplied sensors with the new .625" valve stems.

This independent shop makes .625" valve stems that he said would adapt to the GM sensors. However, at $38/each I decided not to go this route. Because the Dill adapters were about $10/each.

My friend, who owns a shop, ordered four .625" valve stems from Dill, which he was told would work with the GM supplied sensors. We got the .625" Dill valve stems and quickly discovered they won't work with the GM sensors, as there are two different styles. So I ended up buying four new dual frequency sensors he had in stock.

The Dill stem and new sensor solution ended up being more expensive it would have been to order the Nichols valve stems.

In the end, I should have just ordered the Nichols valve stems, but erroneously we were told the Dill stems would work.

GM style TPMS that came with the 2021 3500HD (.453" valve stems)

Dill .625" valve stems

Dual frequency Dill style TPMS sensors

Comparison of the two different styles

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