Coleman/AirXcel Excellent Customer Service


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Just posting as props to the company for taking care of their customers.

Ever since I brought the 26DJSE home, the thermostat has been a bit of a pain. It worked fine, but every time you push a button, the backlight comes on and completely washes out the display, meaning you either have to climb up on the dinette and get a top-down angle, or shine a flashlight on it so you can see what you're adjusting.

Over a year later I decided I would give it a whirl and contact them and see if there was a fix, or an updated one I could install. It only took one email after the initial contact and it looks like they are sending out a new unit. Easy easy, no messing around, just a bunch of questions answered and a few pictures sent and they sent me a case number and an expected ship date.

Can't ask for anything more out of a vendor, especially since they could have easily told me to just contact Cherokee, or the dealer.

For reference, this is what the display looks like to the eye, before and after a button press.

Before (Dim, but readable):


After (Yep, this is exactly what it looks like to he naked eye as well)

That's great customer service!

Very similar to the customer service we got from Airstream when our water heater controller board went out.

And, just in time for our weekend trip, new unit is here and installed. 100000% better. They sent a different unit than what I had which is not a big deal, I actually like how it operates a little better. Much faster to use, plus you can see the display, so there's that.

All-in-all excellent service from Coleman full stop.

It's awesome that you are satisfied with Coleman support. So much better than the opposite.