what to do with wasted closet space.


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for instance center closet front of unit, has a clothes rod, I guess its so someone can hang a full wardrobe.
Since our wardrobe consists of a couple things, most of which fit in baskets or a dresser
we made this out of firring strips and leftover plywood. ambition caused me to stain it.

end result
closet storage.JPG
same thing applies to where the washer and dryer would go, but we will never go that route, so it was a big useless closet.
we use it for the clothes hampers, a fan, some other larger stuff..

same idea, even more raw on the finished end..

beauty of this is its not held in there by anything by gravity. if necessary to remove, no worries mate, dont even need tools.

end result
closet storage 4.JPG
Great use of space! I like the bungee cords and the eye bolts to keep things from falling off.

We have a washer and dryer, because of the long winter stays where it's warm. Our closet floor is full of things, like a printer and a couple extra PC monitors (yeah, we still work full time).