Weber Q 1200 portable grill - gas tube plugged - great customer service from Weber


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We have a Weber Q 1200 that we take with us on our trips. We like the grill for its size and easy of transport. Lately I've noticed the rear of the grill gets much hotter than the front. The problem is the front holes in the gas tube are plugged. I called Weber support this morning to explain the problem. They sent me a replacement gas tube, free of charge. They also recommend cleaning the gas tube with a wire brush every month, which we weren't doing. Thank you Weber!

plugged front holes in gas tube and my attempt to unplug them, which didn't work well.

I replaced the gas tube this morning, which takes a flat blade screwdriver and about 1 minute. It took far longer to clean the debris out of the grill than it did to replace the gas tube. Again I can't say enough good about Weber's customer service.