Under the weather pods - get outside even when it's under the weather


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Um, ok.

When you're camping and it's raining or snowing, just sit in your weather pod and enjoy the day!

Not likely. What's why there is an inside of the camper.

Do you see any real use for these?
I think the way the dude is dressed in the ad says it all.

Otherwise. I could maayyyybe see using one if I were at a race, say at Road Atlanta, and it was supposed to be crap weather for a while. I wouldn't mind sitting out in one so I could watch, but that would be about the only use I could personally see.
Somehow i picture this in some Key and Peele skit!

a larger version ( aka a screenhouse as they used to be called)
might have been nice around a picnic table to keep the mosquitoes at bay..

other than that.. NO.