Trailer Saver hitch by Hensley Manufacturing


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We will take delivery of our New Horizons 5th wheel in about a month (if supply chain issues don't push the date back :mad: ). I deliberated for quite a while whether to get a traditional rigid hitch like a Curt, Reese, B&W or an air ride hitch like the Trailer Saver. We have a need for the smoothest ride possible due to neck problems, so after reading lots of reviews and watching several really good reviews of the Trailer Saver on YouTube, we opted for the Trailer Saver. The testimonials in the YouTube videos all say pretty much the same thing, "The difference in the ride quality between a rigid hitch and the Trailer Saver is night and day". We were sold.

I have ridden in a 3500 pulling a 37' 5th wheel so I do have somewhat of a reference, but we haven't owned and pulled a 5th wheel, so our perspective could be limited. We will post a review after a couple trips.

They were running an incentive at the time which included the air compressor for free. It gets power from the 7-way, so you don't need to run power from the trucks battery.

The installation at the factory took about 5 minutes at the most. They have a boom rig for a forklift to lift the hitch into the truck. The puck system makes the install as simple as turning the lock arms and tightening the jam nuts. It can't get much simpler.

The three air springs can support up to 5,000 lbs pin weight.

About 2" vertical movement on the slide pins.

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Fancy, mobile 1 grease for the mating surfaces?
The guy at the factory told me it is a white lithium, but didn't tell me the brand. He also said to grease the slides, with any grease, every 1000 miles as they will wear fairly quickly without fresh grease, which makes sense as the hitch will be sliding a bit almost all the time and a lot some of the time.
Looks like around 2" of cushy air travel. Does it set the pressure automatically?
With the trailer weight on the hitch, the proper air pressure is when 1/2 slide travel is above and 1/2 slide travel is below the hitch beam. He said we should only have to add air a couple times/year.