Total Solar Eclipse - April 2024


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Is anyone else planning on traveling into the path of totality? I should have hopped on getting reservations earlier. Been looking around the Memphis/Little Rock area. The closest I've gotten is a KOA in West Memphis, went ahead and booked it. Approximately 2.5-3 hour drive into Arkansas and into the path. Not terrible for what is amounting to 'last minute' planning.
I saw it in 2017 in IL, it's a very cool thing to see and worth the drive.

We very well may make our way into the path in 2024.

We had about 78% coverage here today, but it's nothing like totality.
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Well, this trip got canned. Brother and Nephews can't make it and I'm not dragging the rig up there for myself.

On the upside, we get to go to Savannah in April......

For a wedding of people I don't know. Yay, social interaction with strangers, fun for me.....
I'll be going to somewhere around Fredricksburg, TX to view the eclipse, if the forecast is for sun. We'll see.
We saw the last one a while ago in phoenix with granddaughters. 80%ish I think, it was neat but not something I’d make a big trip to see. Seems like there was a total one in my past somewhere.

Cool shadows though leaves.
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you all know what a Darwin Award winner is?

I've always found it humorous that they have to tell people not to look directly at the sun during an eclipse.?
I thought about putting a pair of those eclipse glasses in the glove box of the truck in case I have to do some emergency welding out on the road. They're darker than my welding hood.

Wayne, Texas is declaring a state of emergency to deal with all the furriners coming in to see this. But not for other things...
Wayne, Texas is declaring a state of emergency to deal with all the furriners coming in to see this.
Do they realize how big Texas is? I plan on driving from Austin to somewhere in the hill country that morning, then finding a coffee shop in a small town. I'll start watching about noon and take some pictures of the totality with my good camera.

They said the same thing about Southern IL during the last eclipse. It was a non-event, even the interstate heading back to Chicago wasn't that crowded.