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Curious what everyone takes with them.
Admittedly I take too much.
I have a good assortment of pliers adjustable wrenches, screwdrivers, an sae/metric wrench set. The wrench set rolls up to save space. Rubber mallet, and a lock pick set. A roll of thread tape.
These tools are separate and not part of my home garage tools, they are always in there, I may take them out over winter to prevent corrosion.
The most important thing is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!!!
Rubber mallet. I also take a set of wheel sockets and a torque wrench. I also have a lock pick set.
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I don't think you have too many tools. When you leave some of them at home, you'll wish you had them!

We have two fire extinguishers in our trailer. My uncle has been a volunteer fireman in my home town almost forever. He always says something to the affect, "if you've seen what I've seen you'd take several fire extinguishers."

The tools I carry are here, no sets, just what I thought I would need. The most used tools are the breaker bar and the cordless drill. The drill runs the WD hitch jacks and the stabilizer jacks. The breaker bar turns the over-center latches on the Propride hitch. The zip ties can come in real handy when you least expect you'll need one. I've blown several fuses on the brake controller, so we have plenty of those. The hose end gaskets are also a must. The torque wrench - check those lug nuts!!! I've pretty much used every tool in the box at one point or another.




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Extra hose gaskets are a great idea, I'll have to get some! I forgot to add , a selection of fuses, especially for the tongue jack.
I pack as much as possible but sometimes it’s overkill. Just you never know. I don’t have an RV so mine are strictly in case something happens to the car. I also carry a rubber mallet for tent stakes as well. I’m OCD so I can’t use the same rubber mallet to fix cars that I use to hit down tent stakes with lol. I carry basic hand tools and jumper cables and I do have some flares too. No power tools or anything like that. It’s paid off a few times when I’ve had to jump someone else’s car or make a small adjustment on their car.