The Salty Turtle - Private RV Site on Cape San Blas


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Stay Dates - September 17-25, 2023
Site#: There isn't one. This is a private site. Only one RV at a time.
Site Type: Pull Through
Full Hookups: Yes (30/50 Power)
Bob Rating: 11/10
Wife Rating: 11/10
Would Stay Again?: We've already booked almost 2 weeks for 2024
Wifi?: No**

Where to begin. If you're not into beaches or just relaxing, this isn't for you. That out of the way. Yes, there are a few sites in Cape San Blas that are RIGHT on the beach, and this one is about an 800 foot walk, but. The sites that are on the beach are also right near the main road, so there is little to no privacy, there is only one site that I would put above The Salty Turtle (TST), but it is booked solid for the next year for the most part and it is something like $200 a night. TST is still a bit expensive at $70-110/ night. We had originally booked for the 18th-24th, but I added on the 25th a while ago because we thought that the kid would be able to take the weekend off and come down (that didn't work out) and then last weekend the wife and I were sitting around Saturday, RV loaded and ready to go on Monday, when we decided that we'd strike out early. Looking at the booking calendar, the day was open, so I called and got their answering service, they said they thought it would be ok and the date disappeared from the calendar that evening, so we figured we were a go. Turns out they didn't know about it when we got there and I actually called them on Monday, but they took my $35 for Sunday and let it roll. I gambled and won. (Side note Pristine Properties, the property managers are pretty easy to deal with, always polite and willing to work with you**)

While I was setting up the RV on sunday, a car pulled up and a nice dude got out and introduced himself as Woody, the property owner. (They have a camera monitoring the site and I suspect he saw me roll in). I explained to him what I'd done (with the extra day) and he waved it off with a 'no problem' and said that he was just there because he'd just spread ant killer on the ground and he saw us get out with doggo and wanted to make sure we knew in case it was a problem for the dog. We had a really good conversation, he told us to have fun and took off.

The site itself is mostly a gravel driveway and you will need some leveling skills to get everything the way you need it to me. No, you're not parking on the side of a mountain, but it isn't a concrete pad either (Woody said that is in the works for this year or next). Getting a big 5er in there will also be a bit of a challenge, but there should be enough room to swing it wide and get the job done.

**There is no 'official' WiFi at the site, however, Pristine Properties also manages the 'Cape Bear' property that is just next door to the RV pad, and I asked them nicely for the password to their WiFi. Depending on your equipment, you might be able to make it work. I carry a WiFi repeater with me, so I can put it outside of the RV and pump the signal up to where it works well inside the metal box. Your results might vary.

On to the pictures.

This is the pad, look to the left and find the picnic table, the pad is in that area, Seacliff Drive is the vertical road on the right side of the pic.

The first thing you see driving in Blue Water Drive is actually the EXIT of the lot.


The backside of the lot is the entrance.


Swing it wide and pull right in:


Hookup area. Sewer pipe isn't too far out of the ground, dual water spigots, and your breaker panel with 15/30/50 plugs/breakers.


Overview, I'm pretty far off the hookups and could have slid over another 4-6 feet, but I was tired of driving, and it was 'good enough' so that's where I plunked down the jacks and kicked off the vacation. (Doggo not included with site rental, you have to bring your own, this one is mine!)


The beach. They only get a little better than this. Clear water, and hardly any people. Yes, it is the off season, but even this past weekend there were hardly any people out here. If you look at the Google Street view that someone shot on the beach, the pictures are from July, and there's still not a ton of people on the beach. Some people like people, I think most of them are ok some of the time, but for this vacation, I'm very glad I didn't have to deal with many of them. Just the wife and dog, made for an extremely relaxing week.


More photos from the vacation/area here.

I'm going to eventually get around to reviewing a few of the local eateries when I get a chance, there's a few of note that you should be aware of if you're in the area.
I forgot they have some pretty good photos from the Premier Properties site, I'll rip a few of them off since they are from a drone and show the site better than I can:



That's a really cool campsite!

I tried to find it on Google Maps and they evidently don't know about it yet.

I'm pretty sure we could get the 5th wheel in there with a bit of thinking while driving.
That's a really cool campsite!

I tried to find it on Google Maps and they evidently don't know about it yet.

I'm pretty sure we could get the 5th wheel in there with a bit of thinking while driving.

Google knows about the site, but doesn't show up-to-date images. Neither does bing Maps. I had to go to Gulf Counties property tax site for the top image.

I'm pretty sure it could swing in there though, he left plenty of space on that end. Didn't think to ask the owner what they camped in, I was more worried that he was going to complain about us being there early, but turns out he didn't care one bit and was super cool to boot. Asked him everything BUT what they camped in.

He did tell an interesting story, two actually. His site was the last to be approved by the county and beat the deadline by one day. Second was that he has deeded access to that dune flyover staircase to get to the beach but the property owners at the end of the road were being difficult about it even though he chipped in to build it. Their problem is, he owns the road. Said they better play nice or there was going to be a very sturdy wall across it. Guess they decided to play nice.

The other site at the beginning of the road that you can see in street view is also one of the last-minute sites the county approved. They don't rent it out though. Don't blame them, it is pretty nice. This link should take you to the spot.

Ohh, on another note. Stopped in at the State Park that starts literally across from the ST lot. They will have one of the two new campgrounds open in October. Tried as I might, I couldn't get them to let me go have a look at them. Hurricane Michael pretty much destroyed the park top to bottom and it has been a slow crawl back for them.

I THINK if memory serves that they are going to all be full hookup, but don't quote me on that. I can't wait to see what they look like. We generally like a good state park stay, they're usually a lot more scenic than a campground.
I finally uploaded a short video of our rescue pup Maizey digging a hole in the beach. She waited until our very last walk on the beach to figure out she wanted to dig a hole. There's nothing down there, I think she was just digging because the sand 'squeeks' when you walk on it or scrape your foot across it. I guess she figured there was something down there to look at.

Yes, we filled the holes back in:

She certainly had fun! Is this her first time on a beach?
Lol, nope, 3rd time for her.

I'll have to steal the wife's phone and get her videos, the dog jumping through the waves was hilarious too.
Pet Friendly: 100%

Not only is the site pet friendly with a dedicated spot to tie Fido should you need to, the beaches and a lot of the businesses in the area are also dog friendly. Several restaurants will allow them on their patios and they are allowed on the beach.

Being pretty secluded and private, we had no issues with leaving Doggo off leash for most of the time she was outside around the site. She's really good at learning her boundries and staying within them, and there was no real wildlife to chase around and tempt her.

Dedicated spot (Complete with paw print):

we had no issues with leaving Doggo off leash for most of the time she was outside
We couldn't even imagine leaving the labs off leash. They will see animal and want to check it out or someone and want to greet them.

She's really good at learning her boundries and staying within them, and there was no real wildlife to chase around and tempt her
Not Shandy and Finny
I hate fighting with iPhone videos, for whatever reason, YouTube doesn't let you rotate things anymore, so I had to go around the world to get this one to work and it still might not. don't be surprised if I report my post so you can delete it Wayne. :)

Doggo going out to sea her first time in her slightly too big life vest.

You can also see how clear the water is down there.

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that part of Floriduh is called the Redneck Riviera or LA. Lower Alabama.

its far enough from the big cities and the interstate highways are far enough away those places don't get trampled like the rest of peninsular FLA but you can tell by the background pictures the condo commando's have taken a foothold.

enjoy it while you can.