Texas route 34 between Greenville and Italy - good route to avoid Dallas, terrible road


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We always try to found a good route to avoid major metro areas when we travel. My idea for avoiding the Dallas metro area was to take TX-34 from east to south. The route is a great way to avoid Dallas, as it is almost all rural with little traffic. If would be a great route, except the road is so rough, I wish we would have just taken our beating in Dallas traffic. We shall not pass this way again.

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You were on the wrong side! I know it would be more out of the way for you, yet we came south to Denton, turned west on 380 then south at Jacksboro on 281. That took us all the way to north of Austin, our first stop. We found on our way home this spring that the shortest way is not always the best. Our friends came through D/FW on a Sunday morning with their motorhome and didn't have any trouble. I think it is all about timing there.
The lanes are about 10' wide where there is construction on I-35 in Waco. There is no feeling like having a semi beside you and having about 8" clearance on either side at 60 MPH. Very exciting!