Story of RV stolen three times and hapless owners with no recourse

There's enough incompetence in that story to go around, that's for sure. From the police to the storage people. Not sure what to think about Geico, their policies would be pretty well written and it is up to the policyholder to read them and understand them. As crap as that sounds, a lot of people have never looked at their policies and just assume they're covered for whatever.

This is why, if I can't store it at my house, I don't need it. I don't care to have my property in the care of someone else.
I'm with Bob.. if I can't keep it at home.. I dont want it. that said I keep a fifth wheel hitch lock on it, even though I doubt anyone will ever come in my yard just to take the trailer.

a little off topic, but a co worker was retiring and he decided he was buying a RV to go travel.
and me knowing where he lived I just asked him " WHERE ARE YOU GOING TO PARK YOUR TRAILER'.
and he didn't know.. in the back of his head he knew it couldn't be stored at his home
but he didn't figure that out before he already bought the RV.
since he lived near Ft Lauderdale, storage prices were thru the roof.
he ended up storing it 100 miles away near Lake Okeechobee..

he now became the perfect candidate for someone stealing the RV and him never knowing about it
he ended up storing it 100 miles away near Lake Okeechobee..
WOW! We used to store our trailer about 10 miles away in a locked Morton building and we didn't like that it was so far away.