Stanton Lake trail on US-2 between West Glacier and Essex, MT


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We were looking for a short and easy to moderate trail around the West Glacier area and were recommended to check out the Stanton Lake trail. The trailhead is an easy drive on US-2 about 16 miles east of West Glacier.

We saw several horses on the trail and it was the first time Shandy had ever seen a horse up close. She stared at it like it was some alien life form, never making a peep or movement, not even a tail wag, very much unlike her. About 5 minutes later she discovered the delicacy of horse poop. We tried to get it out of her mouth, not wanting her to get sick. She got enough to get sick. Two days of a sick dog on vacation is not that much fun. We'll go to great lengths in the future to avoid eating horse poop.

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The pictures are worth a thousand words, it's a very beautiful place.


Lots of these berries the bears like :cool:


The trail is pretty easy and is about a mile to the lake.

We didn't see the great bear, but the sign says he's in there somewhere.



If you look close you can see the lake. We didn't quite make it there, as you had to walk to the other end to get close.

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I like the forest name as well
The Flathead Reservation is close and many things in that area are named after them, like the river, lake, and national forest.

The peoples of this area were named Flathead Indians by Europeans who came to the area. The name was originally applied to various Salish peoples, based on the practice of artificial cranial deformation by some of the groups, though the modern groups associated with the Flathead Reservation never engaged in it.