since I brought up the wimmenfolk bicyclists on the Dalton Highway


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you'll see some intrepid travelers on the road.
sw this guy on a old Honda 50 heading south on the Alcan
passed him 3 days in a row.
he was doing 45. loaded like the Beverly Hillbillies.
heading for Mexico. little sign on the bike said so.

saw this guy south of Jasper NP.. old F250 with Alaskan Camper as well as a old trailer he was taking soemwhere to refurbish.

pretty sure this camper is home built, but on a higher level. had Texas plates... was somewhere in an Alaska parking lot.. I thought it was kinda cool.

It kinda looks like an Airstream truck camper prototype!

I see he left the knee buster on his hitch. That's a Propride stinger, we used to have one we pulled the Airstream with. I never one time left our stinger on the truck, didn't want to break someone's knee.
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