Shortest hydrant ever?


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This was our hydrant at the KOA Fort Collins last year. It's buried very deep, but why this deep? The frost here can't get deeper than a foot or maybe two feet during the coldest winters. The pipe stand is probably 8 feet long, so the water pipe must be buried about 7 feet deep. It's strange, I've never seen anything quite like this :)

my guess is the less of the pipe above ground the better the chance it doesn't freeze... but it looks like a PITA to connect. I've been in campgrounds where you know it freezes and they have the spigot down in a hole in the ground with a cover for access... which seems to me to be the best way to hide the device from freezing temps.
but it looks like a PITA to connect.
Yes it was and both hoses are somewhat kinked. My guess is the contractor was told to install the hydrant heads close to the ground. That would leave 7.5 feet of buried pipe. Zero common sense applied. The frost here won't get deeper than two feet in the coldest winter.
I'd probably have to ditch part of my quick-connect setup to use that. Can't think of any advantage of doing that other than to annoy folks.