Shandy being as cool as a lab can be


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It took me about 5 minutes to get her to leave my hat on her head. Finally she just gave in and gave me this glare.

I love labs. Mine won’t ever keep a hat on lol. Very nice eyes. I’ve got a white lab. Didn’t get the yellow gene all the way. Your dog is very nice. Chocolate is probably my favorite coat color.
nothing like humiliating a dog by making it wear people clothing. :)

My wife has been in NC since the beginning of the year, nursing her friend who had shoulder surgery and cant drive or dress herself, so the one dog we own who really is my wife's dog has now adopted me.. dog follows me to whatever room I happen to be in.. all day long, if I change rooms, the dog changes rooms..

you realize dogs need human company far more than you understand... so you must be the pack leader for that Lab..
This is our dog that is glued to me. She is almost 14 years old and still very healthy. My kids are all adults and have been out of the house for years. She is totally attached to me.