rubber seals around the slides.


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not the slide seals themselves but the rubber sealing that crushes when the slides are in.
the stuff is falling apart on my trailer, bought two rolls of it on amazon, been replacing it over the last couple days.
found out the stuff was failing when I was in Rapid City earlier this year and one of them kept coming loose.
ladder I have isn't ideal for that sort of work but it is what it is, when on the road.

Hold old is your trailer? Which seal did you get?
2017 model year which means it was probably built in 16.
I'll get a picture later.
going back out there to do some more today
not difficult to replace, just I am lazy and yesterday it was hit 90 with the heat index being in the hi 90's and I just didn't get too far. Later in the day I go back out there to work some more and it decided to rain. first time it has rained in about 3 weeks.
so that is where I am.. 1 slide done, other 2 to follow.
it is this stuff... slides into a channel around the slides. more or less a dust seal around the perimeter.


I'm surprised your would be that degraded after 7 years. Is the trailer always outside?
I'm surprised your would be that degraded after 7 years. Is the trailer always outside?
I've had the unit 2 years, it is outside. I believe the former owner stored it inside during PA winters, but I don't know its previous history... the stuff is cheap and EZ enough to replace... just like the plastic filler strip they put in some channels on the exterior of an RV.. that stuff also shrinks and cracks.. I've already replaced some of that stuff..
Do you use anything on the seals? Wondering some sort of petroleum product was used by a previous owner and it degrade the rubber.

My first jayco ( 1995) dealer told us to only sprinkle some baby powder on the side seals and nothing else.

I do have a slideout awning.