Pest security?

This was just recommended by the guy with the Big Truck Big RV YouTube channel. Lots of good reviews. 120V won't work for me at the storage lot.

4in1 rodent repellent
Maybe not 120v, but it looks like it uses a DC adapter, a little bit of solar and a battery might be able to take care of it. Even easier if it is a 12v input instead of 5-9, but even then you could work around that with a simple buck converter.


It is 5v 500ma. You can power that off of a USB port. Plenty of 12v to USB adapters out there.
I'd like to know if anyone here gets one; how well do they think it works?
I'm always concerned about my RV and tractors over the winter storage. I'd spend that money in a heartbeat if there were first-hand testimonials offering praise.