National Parks Collection - What does yours look like?


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We've recently begun our quest to see all of the National Parks! So far we have purchased a sticker from the visitors' centers at the parks we've been to. (Unfortunately, we didn't have this idea until after we visited Haleakala NP on Maui, so we're missing that sticker) Interested in what y'all collect, how you display, etc....... Go!

nps stickers.jpg


Grand Canyon, Bad Lands, Yosemite, Yellow Stone, Rainier, Mt. Saint Helens.

We collect the shot glasses.


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So far I've done 83 NPS sites (mostly NPs and NMs, but also others like National Battlefields, National Historic sites, Birthplaces, etc.) Most of them we've been on RV trips, but several on the west coast were done on a motorcycle trip with my wife. So we didn't camp, but still visited many out in WA, OR, CA.

I've got a sew-on patch from every one so far. Started out by sewing them onto a shirt, but quickly ran out of room. Wife has commented she'd like to sew them all onto a quilt, but she's not got around to it yet. Maybe in retirement she'll get to that ...


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So far I've done 83 NPS sites

One of our goals is to visit all of the national parks or at least visit as many as possible. I believe one of the parks in Alaska has no visitor center or roads leading into it. The best you can do it fly into a nearby town and walk into the park, just to say you've been there.