MORryde motion activated step lights - are they worth the price?


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When we bought our trailer, New Horizons had just received a set of four MORryde's new step lights to try out. Our trailer was the next to be delivered and our sales guy asked if we wanted to try them out. Sure!

I thought they were probably going to be a bit hokey, as they didn't look like much and had a lot of plastic.

Front side with motion sensor

Back side that magnet sticks to

Magnetized holder that screws to the underside of the step

They can be set to "On" "Auto" or "Off". I set them to auto and we went out for the evening. As you walk up to the stairs, they turn on about 20 feet away and this is what you see.

Let there be light!



We absolutely love these lights! No more fumbling around in the dark trying to find the steps or running into chairs or the picnic table. You probably really only need one of the lights and surly don't want four of them if you are in a dark park. They take four AAA batteries each. New batteries will last about a month. I put Eneloop rechargeable batteries in them, which work great.

You can find the lights here at MORryde's website:

A set of two lights can be found on Amazon for < $20, I think they are absolutely worth the price.
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Those look just about like the ones I installed in my closets, just with some different mounting hardware and mine are already rechargeable.

I might try the ones I have on my steps, the lighting looks great on yours.
the technology on motion sensors has been around long enough, so if the quality of the lights is up to par I don't see why not.