Morning Fresh Dairy (home of Noosa yogurt) tour - Bellvue, Colorado


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This morning we went on tour of Morning Fresh Dairy, which is also the home of Noosa yogurt. We get home delivery of their milk every week and I'm here to tell you it's the best milk I've ever had. They say that it is delivered to your home in < 24 hours after it comes out of the cow. They do pasteurize it but don't kill it with heat like most producers do. Their milk will keep for about 7-10 days, while most store bought milk will keep for 40 days after it comes out of the cow. The difference is amazing.

If you are close to here, the tour is very interesting and ends with super yummy samples of milk and yogurt!

The tour starts in the same building as the Howling Cow Cafe, which has food, milk, coffee, sweets, and a bunch of country store type food, including ice cream!


Tour central:

The tour starts with a 4 minute video about the family history. The dairy was started in about 1894 by the Graves family and is still owned by the same family. The family gave some land on the property to be used as a one room schoolhouse. The schoolhouse operated as a school for 34 years, until about 1915. The school was recently restored and is not a schoolhouse museum and is in the Nation Register of Historic Places. The stove looks like a coal stove, but is propane :)


Next a walk and short history of Noosa yogurt. Yes, this is the only place Noosa is made. The produce about 200,000 pounds here per day! It has only been produced about about a decade and is already distributed to all 50 states and Puerto Rico. The secret is the culture comes from Australia and produces a super creamy yogurt. We have been eating it for years and it's really that good!


Next is the "Dairy Go Round Barn" which I think is a really cute and clever name for their milking carousel.
The entire facility is spotless. I've been in many milking facilities and I've never seen one that is this clean.


Spinning out the cream (no not the picture above :) )



Petting the four month old future milk cows.
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