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Our Grand Design has 2 large drawers, one under the oven and one in the bathroom above the water heater. Both puked the ball bearings after some plastic parts broke in the slide somewhere. The drawer under the oven was the worst so I tackled it first. Of course the slides aren't high quality but I didn't expect the back of the slide to be stapled to a small bit of plywood that was itself stapled to the paneling. Found decent full open slides on Amazon after looking around town with no luck and after some fitting got that drawer back in. Time to fix the bathroom drawer. I removed the drawer and looked at the back expecting something similar to the other one and was treated to the installation below. The vertical 1x3 is screwed to another 1x3 that is screwed to the paneling horizontally to support the back of the countertop. What you can't tell from the photo is the vertical piece is free floating from the paneling by the 3/4" width of the board it's screwed to. The 3/8" horizontal piece of plywood that the ends of the slides are screwed into (bonus!) are 1.5" away from the paneling totally free floating and held on by that one screw in the middle. And those aren't rat turds on top of the water heater, they're pieces of black plastic from whatever breaks in these slides. It's hard to imagine this is the GD approved method of securing the back of drawer slides. The only good I can see here is the piece of plywood is apparently cut to the width needed for the slides to work. I have new slides incoming tomorrow and may let this fixture in place and block behind the plywood strip to have something solid to screw everything tight.

bath drawer.jpg
That's pretty disappointing I'm sure. How did Grand Design expect this to hold together? Maybe the person who did the work thought nobody would ever see it, but didn't understand it could never hold up to the small earthquake the trailer experiences going down the road.

Is GD sending you the parts?
Being a 2017 it's long out of warrantee and it would make no sense to replace the failed slides with the same thing anyway. This trailer doesn't have that many miles on it, GD's rep as being a cut above isn't well deserved from what I've seen with ours.