Mistletoe State Park - Appling, GA


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Stay Dates - June 30 - July 1, 2023
Site#: 26
Site Type: Back In
Full Hookups: No (Water+Power - Dual Dump Station at exit*)
Bob Rating: 8/10
Wife Rating: 7/10
Would Stay Again?: Yes

This was supposed to be another weekend trip, but was cut short by my kid's biological grandad passing and we decided to break camp Saturday night and head home for the funeral. Neither of us minded too much. It was so brutally hot that weekend that we really didn't feel like doing much.

Anyways, as usual for Georgia State Parks, roomy campsites, nice staff, well-kept grounds.

The highlight of the trip is a local restaurant. 'Baby Joe's' is one of those hole-in-the-wall places that when you drive by you might question if you want to eat there.

You want to eat there, or most likely, get carryout since they will be packed. They're only open on the weekends and it is THE place all the locals hang out at.

* There was an issue with the dump site this trip for us. There are 2 dumps, lined up, We pulled up to the forward one and when I flipped open the cap, the liquid was just below the top of the drain. I went ahead and jammed our connector in there and dumped. It went down, but you had to make sure your connector stayed tight on the drain or you'd have an accident, which I did. Thankfully there is water available to clean up with. I'm not one who likes to play in $#%^ water, but I've been working in the Jail long enough that not a lot of things bother me these days, and it's my @#$@ anyways. Not ideal for sure, but not something I would call them and go full Karen for.


Homemade Peanut Butter Pie.





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