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Since we added a chocolate lab to our traveling plans, we decided we need to monitor the temperature and power inside the Airstream when we have to leave her behind. I did some research and settled on the MarCell monitor by Sensored Life.

The unit communicates via cellular, which is nice because WiFi can be spotty at best in some campgrounds. MarCell monitors temperature, 120 volt AC power for availability, and humidity. Monitoring humidity is not as important inside of a travel trailer, but could be very important if used for that purpose elsewhere.

The temperature and humidity are monitored by setting an acceptable range and if the value is exceeded above or below the range, which you set, then an alert via email, text, or phone call is initiated. Power is monitored only for interruption, not a voltage range. The same alerting applies to a power outage, you can receive an alert via email, text, or a phone call. Setting the ranges and alerts can be done via their website or the smartphone app.

I have used both the website and app and find both to be easy to use and intuitive. Historical data for power, temperature, and humidity is available on the web portal and app in a daily, weekly, and monthly graph with hourly sample intervals. If any of the monitored parameters goes out of range, you are notified immediately, which I tested to make sure it works and it does.

The MarCell also has water sensors called "SPucks", which can be purchased separately. The MarCell unit can be paired with up to 16 SPucks to monitor for water. Each SPuck has water sensor "feet" to detect water and SPucks have an optional extender wire to detect water such as in a sump pit.

It is possible to purchase 8 "instant Updates" for $2, but I didn't see the need, because we only need to know if there is an out of range condition.

I chose the MarCell because of its versatility and it is reasonably priced.

App status page:

Hourly graph:

Said puppy in Airstream:
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I just checked it out. Very cool. Having dogs in the camper, this would give great peace of mind. I like that you can do a monthly subscription.

Will seriously look at this.