Last trip of the year...


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Gotta say the last year was a memorable one. Went to Branson for 4 days. We've had some adventures and issues over the year but never so much in one trip!

Even before we left I was stretching in bed and pulled my shoulder.. Managed to not pay attention and fill the RV with premium.. then the oil incident with the dump truck.. then a road rage incident drivers were being weird I drive 65 and when I'd get to the point to pass someone which is normally rare they'd speed up happened numerous times except this one. End of the hose shot off and dosed me with water. TV decided to break and not pick up cable. Hurt my finger sometime while messing with the TV. Wife broke the shower head.

I could have went in further on a few but you probably get the jest. But still managed to have a great trip and the boys had a blast. Rode the scenic train, seen the Presleys and stopped by Fantastic caverns. I'm tired and ready to back to work tomorrow LOL. Once it warms up need to clean the RV more. Had to winterize it when we got home.

The RV park on the Branson landing is pretty cool since you can walk there and downtown.
I've never heard of them. Where? Pictures?

What in the world happened?
Fantastic Caverns is north of Springfield, MO.. I'll post pics from my phone in a minute.

I was next to the dump truck when I seen it whatever is was flying out. I knew I had some on the windshield but not to this extent.