Harvey the RV catch-up maintenance


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We've begun the process of catching up on maintenance of Harvey, the 1989 E350 based Lindy 2600. He's got a stone age Ford 460 V8 under the hood coupled to a C6 transmission.

First, on my drive back to Illinois, I found it seemed to be running hotter than I would expect, even on relatively flat ground doing about 60 - 65 mph. Discovered the radiator was low the next morning, so I topped it up. No idea how well it has been maintained, so I have a new set of radiator hoses, thermostat (180F instead of 195F) and gasket on their way so I can do several flushes and refill the cooling system with original green antifreeze.

Transmission fluid will replaced after dropping the pan and refilling with Valvoline MaxLife, the rear differential (Dana 80) will also get a fresh fill of 75w140.

And in the interior we’re remodeling the rear bedroom and repairing some water damage likely from a leak in the rear window.



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This looks like a fun project and you can make it the way you want it. There are so many folks out there that have customized their rig to suite their wants/needs. Can't wait to see the pictures as you progress!