Happy Thanksgiving!


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I hope you are yours enjoy some time together and don't eat too much!

Unlike 53 million other Americans, we are staying home.

We will also be getting the snow blower tuned up for 4-10"

* WHAT...Heavy snow expected. Total snow accumulations between 4 and
10 inches.
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to you all too.. no snow here.67 at the moment at call it 6 am EST.

no turkey for me.. going to eat a ribeye.. :)
Happy Thanksgiving. Have 4 celebrations to do this year. Thankful for every moment with my family. Staying home, couldn’t do that. I’m bored after an hour on YouTube and texting my friends lol. Getting ready for in the morning when it’s time to go Black Friday shopping. I am not huge on online shopping so going in person. Nice to have a 4 day weekend.
12” total and at times it came down like crazy.

On one hand, I do miss a good snow (Grew up in PA), on the other hand, as I get older, I could do with one good snow a year just because it is pretty, and then it can warm right back up into the 70's.
Wayne, I grew up in MI where winter was longer than summer. I've lived in FLA now for almost 40 years ( February makes 40 ) where summer is too long and winter in non existent.
I don't think we have gotten below 60 except for one day a few weeks ago...
so I'd like to go somewhere in between . I wouldn't mind a bit of snow once in awhile and wouldn't mind it if it wasn't 90 and humid for 5 months of the year.. but pulling up stakes one more time is going to be an incredible amount of work so I haven't done it.
I used to love snow when I was a kid. Not anymore now that I have to be the one shoveling it and driving to work in it lol. The only time I actually like it now is on Christmas and that’s just a little bit lol.