Handmade Teardrop - A Story from Mike Rowe


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If you're not familiar with him, Mike Rowe is the guy most famous for Dirty Job's on the Discovery Channel, but also for his foundation MikeRoweWorks which promotes the advancement of the trades in the US, a very noble cause IMO.

Occasionally he posts a good story on his FaceBook page, today this one caught my attention.

Bravo for handbuilt USA Quality on Mike and his campers. Best of success to him!

Screenshot 2023-12-02 141556.png

Screenshot 2023-12-02 141610.png
Screenshot 2023-12-02 141627.png
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What a cool chance meeting and cool trailers! I'll bet you Mike's trailer build quality is far ahead of anything that comes out of northern Indiana.
My thoughts exactly, nothing but good wishes for the dude that he is able to do what he wants for many years to come.
His business is going to blow up, bet he knows who Mike Rowe is now! I could do a teardrop except for the 2 -50 lb + dogs and a wife who appreciates simple amenities like a shower and toilet and not having to live outside. We've been there done that.

Edit: and AC and TV and hot water..... I guess we RV not camp.
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