Fuel or no fuel?

I have been reading a lot about a diesel fuel shortage this winter, has anyone else seen this or has more information? With our winter trip to AZ coming soon it does make me wonder how this will play out. I know we will be spending a lot more on fuel to get there and I can deal with that I just don't want to get stuck somewhere with no fuel available.
The current quantity of refined diesel in the US is enough for about 25 days, IF we completely stopped refining. We haven't and won't stop refining and a couple refineries that shut down for maintenance should be restarting soon. There is zero chance the US will run out of diesel fuel. However, the supply is low because demand is very high, which contributes to high prices.

This is a historical chart of the diesel stocks. Yeah, our stock of diesel is a bit low, but we'll still be pumping diesel for a long time.


Another good explanation and chart:

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Thanks for the info and the reassurance.
Of course it will cost us more, yet you can't take it with you!!
We have the EFS card, any helpful hints on it's use?
We have the EFS card, any helpful hints on it's use?

  • Install the app on your phone and use it to search for fuel prices along your route. You can input a specific route that it will search so you don't get results that clutter your screen.
  • The card only works in the truck lanes, without exception.
  • Wear gloves, the nozzle handles always have fuel residue on them.
  • You will quickly learn that once you fuel in a truck lane, you will never fuel in a retail lane again (while pulling your trailer).
  • The pumps are high volume pumps. Start out slow until you figure out how much fuel your filler neck can handle, else you will get a fuel bath.
  • Stand off to the side as you fuel (see last bullet point)
  • As soon as you get done fueling, pull ahead to the stop line so the guy behind you can fuel, then you can go in and settle your fuel.
  • There is normally ample truck parking at truck stops, but do not be that guy who takes the last spot. We are having fun, truck drivers are working for a living.
  • The best discounts are generally at Petro/TA, but others can be just a good.
  • You can pump DEF with the card the same time you get fuel, but there is no discount on DEF.
  • The card always works at the pump at Petro/TA, just learn the screen sequence and know your control number (PIN).
  • The card works at the pump at a few Casey's, but most you will have to go inside.
  • If you try the card at a pump and it doesn't work, just go into the fuel register, hand it to them and ask them to turn your pump number on. You will learn which stations you have to go into the fuel register.
  • When you are at your destination (not towing), use the Gasbuddy app and look for diesel stations off the interstate. Sometimes you will get a lower or similar price than what you get with your fuel card.
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