Fix for water intrusion into ProPride P3 hitch bearings

I love the anti-sway capabilities of the ProPride P3 hitch, there there is one problem I've found. The bearing dust caps leak water into the bearings. When I unhitched the trailer for the last time last year, I moved the hitch to do a check on the bearings. I was greeted with an unpleasant grinding sound, ugh. When I took the hitch apart, I found rusted and destroyed bearings. I put this video together to demonstrate how I will keep the water out of the bearings in the future. Spoiler: use Plasti-Dip to seal the dust covers.

I believe Propride needs to implement a fix, as this is a flaw on every one of the hitches they sell. Other than this flaw, the hitch is absolutely the best hitch in the market at eliminating sway. I've pulled our 30' Airstream with and without the hitch, I would never pull it without the Propride - it makes that much difference.
It's dirty after 1,000 miles of use and a couple hundred miles of driving in the rain, but the bearings are dry...