First low voltage, then high voltage


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We stayed at Wheeler's RV park in Baraboo this weekend. The temps were in the 80s with high humidity so there were many air conditioners running. I alway keep a digital voltmeter plugged in so I can occasionally check the voltage. During peak demand in the afternoon the voltage was about 110v, which is too low and will build heat in your inductive loads. There must be a buck-boost transformer somewhere in the park, because about 4:00PM the voltage went up to 131 volts, which is way too high. The voltage was still high this morning, so the transformer must not be stepping down or up when it should. Interestingly, the other leg on the 50 amp pedestal was much closer to 120 volts. My guess is the leg with voltage that is way low then high has a buck-boost transformer with an adjusting arm that gets stuck and needs to be serviced.

Electrical devices beware.

I couldn't believe the voltage was that high, so I plugged a second meter in.