Duraflap mud/rock flaps for the Duramax


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I just ordered a pair of these for the new truck. One of my criteria for flaps is they have to be no-drill. These were the only flaps I found that were long enough, weren't ugly, and didn't require drilling.

The new truck does come with short mud flaps, but they would not stop most of the rocks coming off the wheels and peppering the trailer.

The stock "flaps" would do very little to prevent rock chips on the truck's fender or a towed trailer.


I had considered trying to make rock brushes like I did with the single rear wheel, but since I found long no-drill flaps, I'll forego the exercise of making the brushes.


[edit - added pictures of Duraflap rock guards installed]

The install was simple but another set of hands would make it easier. I found that attaching the bolt in the upper inside corner of the flap first was like having another set of hands and the install was much less of a challenge. The directions say to install the bolt last, but if I were writing the directions it would be first.

The long version of Duraflap's no-drill mud flaps gives you an additional 10" of rock chip preventing mud flaps.


You can see where the mud and rocks used to hit the fender before the Duraflaps


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Definitely a good idea. Especially up where you are. Rust never sleeps as they always say. 🙂
My overall goal for our tow vehicle is to never drive it on salt or to ever expose our trailer to salt. The 2018 was never driven on salt and the under side still looked brand new.