Dual 6 Volt battery's are heavy


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and the bottom of the forward storage bay has about as thin of a piece of sheet metal for a floor that Heartland can get away with.
So I made a brace for the bottom of the forward compartment out of salvage materials.

main reason I have the dual golf cart batteries is to support this 2000 watt inverter..

took a 4 outlet power strip apart, ran the wires thru the closet rod and to the inverter...
made the wires mostly invisible

power strip.JPG
Yes they are heavy! We have 4 of them and the basket they sit in is very heavy duty. Was the floor in your battery cabinet sagging? Did you reinforce before the Dalton Highway?
brace was recent.. battery survived Alaska trip but was when I noticed the compartment floor isn't as substantial as it should be.