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I use the Drive Weather app for route planning and have for a couple years. It's the best weather app I've seen for prevalent weather, temperature, and winds along your route. You can see the weather for your route up to a week in advance or use it live as you travel.

We don't like weather surprises, such as strong winds, ice, thunderstorms, blowing sand, etc. The app is like having your own meteorologist with you as you drive. The app isn't free, but my opinion is that it's an amazing value for the forecasts and live data it gives you along your route. Last winter when we drove from Illinois to Colorado, we had to take the southern route to avoid a blizzard and ended up staying in Kansas for a few days because of high winds. The app predicted the route weather with amazing accuracy. The weather sucked, but there were no surprises. That's what we asked of the app and exactly what we got. Thanks Drive Weather!

Today I was trying to forecast a route that goes through Wyoming and the app hung every time the route touched the state of Wyoming. I found the Drive Weather website and filled out the contact form explaining my issue. Much to my surprise, I got a response within 15 minutes and the problem was resolved about 5 minutes later! Turns out the database for the app on my phone had a corruption issue. After following their directions, the app now works perfectly.

Simply amazing customer service!

Winds along route:

Temperature along route:

Prevalent weather along route:
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Someone on BITOG recommended it, so I checked it out and ended up buying it. I highly recommend it!
honestly, If I am concerned I just check the weather forecast.
the beauty of RVing is you can always pull over and stay put.
I can remember running into these 40 mph side winds out in Montana
and saying this it is.. find a spot and wait it out
I can remember running into these 40 mph side winds out in Montana
and saying this it is.. find a spot and wait it out
We had the same thing happen in New Mexico just east of Albuquerque. I finally said, "I'm done". so we pulled off and found a place to sit until the winds died down. Getting pushed around is not fun or safe.