Do you "neighbor" in campgrounds?


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When I was young and we were camping around the eastern US in a pop-up my parents had a sign with our names that they hung out so other people knew who we were. They went out of their way to make other people's acquaintance and would end up with visitors at our campfire or going to theirs. I do see the name sign here and there but not like BITD.

We don't do this and never have really. I guess when we got our first pop-up when the kids were little we had a retail photo lab/camera store and were tired of dealing with people all week and went camping to get away and it became habit. I'll say hi and offer to help out if I see someone in a fix but we just don't go out of our way to make new friends. With the trailer it's too easy to sit inside and read or surf BITOG or whatever instead of being outside. We hike a lot with the dogs and I ride my mountain bike if there's trails and we sightsee/daytrip the area so it's not like we spend all our time in the trailer. With a pop-up you do everything outside but sleep.
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I am the extrovert.

We will sometimes talk to others about their dogs or some subject, but usually it's a friendly and short conversation.

If I run into an interesting person that likes to talk, then I'll stand and talk for an hour. Karen will excuse herself after a few minutes. I like people and always look forward to running into interesting folks.

There are times though that we are tired and don't feel like chatting. Not a problem as pretty much anyone will pass you by if you don't start a conversation.
Not me. I don’t like being around a lot of people. If they speak first I’ll talk otherwise no. Heck I’m scared to even say hi to someone I know in public if I have to speak first but someone I don’t know… yeah not happening lol.
Some of both.

I deal with people all day everyday. So sometimes i just need the break of not having to hold conversations.

But on the other hand after some down time, i enjoy conversation. When i was in my 30's i would make it a point to start conversations with people i didn't know. It was good people skill training for management.
Forgot to say in "normal" times. Now you don't know what to do in social situations.
Very true. Believe it or not, but I make a mental note of which way the wind is blowing and stand upwind when I'm chatting with people.

So you're ok with your cooties going downwind?😷

I'm aware of wind direction as well, I try for a nice crosswind.
Tom is the social one of this pair. I prefer boon docking over campgrounds and most of the people that go dry camping are fine with being by themselves. When in a campground I will smile and acknowledge people yet seldom start a conversation, unless of course they have a dog I find interesting. So over all I leave the chatting to Tom and I observe.
I'm crazy about dogs. If you tell someone they have a great looking dog you're probably going to stop and talk dogs. That doesn't seem to happen much in campgrounds but I stop out on the trails when I'm riding my bike to let hikers and dogs go by and many times have a chat with the owner and scratch the dog's ears if he's ok with it. You can see the joy in dogs who out hiking, some will visit and some are too busy. Hikers love it when a bike stops for them and likes their dog.

Bet AutoMech doesn't know what cooties are.
The camp ground where I camp, most of the people have been camping there for nearly 40 plus years, there is a lot of transient population like my chunky azz but you feel like you are in a sub and everyone is friendly and happy to spend an hour just taking about the flood of 1959 (the camp ground is on the Betsie River).
I love it, I am a little chatter myself.
I can chat but I don't also don't like to bug people. I'll usually let other initiate the chat.. some people just want to chill away from people other's camp for the social aspects. We can do both, there's two different groups we camp with on occasion but do plenty on our own. I have met some interesting people over the years.. some uh interesting and other regular interesting lol.
My ASD usually keeps me pretty quiet and to myself, but I absolutely will talk to someone if engaged, I just don't go out of my way to do it.

The wife will generally talk to anyone, but when we're camping, I think both of us kick into sort of 'this is our own little world' mode and will generally keep to ourselves. We've been to some sites that have group activities, but none of them have been going on when we were there, so I don't know if we would partake or not, we'd at least probably check them out.

Now, we will talk to most dogs that we run across. :) I think sometimes we like those more than people.
I will talk to anyone about dogs and their dog, the hubs will talk to anyone, I am the one who is more reserved, no matter what
my nephew may say.