Disney's Fort Wilderness Campgrounds


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Stay Dates - May 13-19, 2023
Site#: 411
Site Type: Back In
Full Hookups: Yes
Bob Rating: 10/10
Wife Rating: 10/10
Would Stay Again?: 100% yes

I'm going to come out and say a few things on this one.

#1 We screwed up planning this trip.

We tend to go to the Magic Kingdom every 3-4 years and we booked this trip like we would book any other. We generally stay at a hotel on-site, and we treated the campground reservation the same. Booked it for the day we got there, through the day we left with the days in-between spent in the parks. Big Mistake. We should have added some days onto the reservation that would be spent just in the campground. We missed out on what is probably one of the nicest campgrounds out there. Also, neither the wife nor I realized how much we now get worn out trekking around the parks. We're both near 50 and I ended up sick and in bed one day just from fatigue, so we'll be breaking up the parks next time. (It doesn't help that I've been working night-shift for 6 years straight and when we vacation I try and force my body from nights to days in a day or two. Doing that is terrible for you.)

#2 I know there are people who do it, but I'm not sure I could stay at this campground and NOT go to the parks, so I would say if you're not a Disney Lover, you might want to look elsewhere and save some money.

What else do you need to know? It is Disney. You come to expect things from them. Billiard table flat site, not a speck of trash anywhere, polite employees, uber clean facilities, and a bill to go with it all.

If there's one drawback that new players would want to watch out for, the roads around the actual sites are quite narrow. You don't have a lot of maneuvering room, so back your beast up carefully.

One of my personal favorite parts of staying at the campground is being able to catch a boat to the Magic Kingdom and then travel on from there, be it a Monorail, or a bus. The girls and I raced to EPCOT one morning. Them going by the inner-campground bus to the resort busses, and me going by boat to MK, then by monorail to TTC, then to the other monorail to EPCOT.

They won, by quite a bit, but I didn't have to ride a bus.

I don't have many site pics.


I did take one of the coolest pics (In my opinion) that I've ever taken. No filters, no touchups it is just how it turned out. (Understand, I am the world's WORST photographer)

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Fort Wilderness is probably the nicest campground we've stay in. We were in the same 400s as you, but a few sites away. What a great and fun time. My first time at Disney and my wife's probably 25th time. Nothing like having a great tour guide :)

I think my favorite part of the whole time there was the musical light flotilla that comes out just after dark every night. We walked back to the water every night just to see it.
A couple pictures of our site. I think I took this just after we packed everything up to leave. Those were the Airstream days.


I camped there probably 20 years ago. It was clean maintained, and very nice. I don't think i will probably ever be back there though.