Decent photo of the whole setup


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Have not really taken one yet. I have a ton of pictures I need to upload from last two trips.
Anyway here it is.

That is one fine looking setup! Love the truck, it looks suspiciously like ours. Chevy rules :)

All ready to go!
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I gotta tell you Wayne the more I drive it, tow with the more I love it.

My only complaint is the paint. It seems a bit thin to me, perhaps I should stay off the forest service roads. :)

That is a long Airstream. How big is it? When the kids are gone that is on our short list. Not interested in a 5th wheel.
I'm curious why you aren't a interested in a 5th wheel? We really aren't either.
I had a small one for 5 years. A 24' Fleetwood Prowler. You lost the bed of the truck, it is harder to maneuver (in my experience) and the difference between how it towed and my bumper tow was not enough to tip the scales.
Plus most of them are not put together any better than my entry level Passport.
I didn't think about losing the storage space in the bed of the truck. We have ours mostly full on the long trips. We would have to store everything in the pass through space under the bed, but I'm not very keen on storing gasoline there.