Clearsource water filters after 5 years and 300 nights of use


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These are the cartridges out of our Clearsource water filter that have been in use for 5 years and 300 nights. The smooth filter is the sediment filter and the other is the carbon filter. New filters are white, so you can see these are somewhat stained, but still flow nicely. They are pulled and allowed to dry completely between trips. We do have a set of replacement filters, but since they flow like new, I see no need to replace them. The carbon filter does a good job of making tasty water. When I pull the filters, I routinely see quite a bit of sediment that has sloughed off the filter and fallen to the bottom of the housing. Metal pipes in RV parks are notorious for shedding rust flakes.

We couldn't be happier with the Clearsource water filtration system. When we bought the filter system, this was pretty much the only option. Now they sell single, double, and triple filter systems and a whole bunch of different kinds of filters.

Check them out here:

Is the filter setup under your sink, or do you filter all incoming water ?
With our Airstream, I put it outside by the side of the trailer. In our 5th wheel, it's permanently mounted in the basement. In both trailers it filters all incoming water.