Chevy 3500 - Is this terminal supposed to have a nut?


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I noticed when I was connecting the maintainer to the left side battery, that this terminal does not have a nut. It doesn't look like anything is hooked to the nut-less terminal, unlike the adjacent terminal. If there was nothing going to be hooked up, then why would they have installed the fuse? Since the fuse is there, should something be hooked to it?

The red wire was installed by me to supply power to the air compressor for the air bags.



That's different.

Ease of manufacture I'd say since those fuses look to be staked on there (Which seems like a stupid idea on their part).

I'd say no nut needed, it's there for an option your truck doesn't have. Second alternator or something.

On the upside, it looks like you have a spare, high power, fused circuit you can use for something.....winch maybe?


And of course, if that 400a job pops for some reason, you have to replace that whole piece.

I'd be buying some standard mega fuses from Digikey and modifying that fusebox if that were the case. That thing is probably several hundred $$ instead of a $5 fuse.

My bad, $13 fuse:
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