Checking in from (Near) Athens Ga.


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Why near? Because no one knows where Statham, GA (Zipcode 30666) is.

Came over here from BITOG. I had actually thought I'd registered a long time ago when Wayne put the site up, before I owned a trailer, but if I did, that registration is long gone.

Anyrate. We're on year #2 of our camping adventure. A few longer distance trips with a decent amount of Ga State Parks thrown in. We leave in a couple weeks or so for Cape San Blas and a private spot near the beach.

This is the setup:


Take care all! Glad to be here.

Nice looking rig you've got there!

We have been doing this RV thing for about 5 years now. In those years we have pulled out trailers a total of around 50,000 miles all around the country. Getting there sometimes isn't that much fun with all the crazy and rude driving we see, but when we get to the destination, it's wonderful!