Capitol Gorge Trail - Capitol Reef NP


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This trail was recommended to us by a couple we were talking to at the apple orchard (more on that later), as a beautiful drive and hike down a narrow slot canyon. Why not, so off we went.

Capitol Gorge Rd. left turn off of Scenic Drive about 5.5 miles south of the visitor's center. You'll drive about a mile down an incredibly scenic, narrow, and sometimes rough road. We were concerned that it might be too narrow for our truck, but we were fine. Lots of cars and light trucks were in the trailhead parking lot, so pretty much any vehicle is ok.

How often do you see vertical strips in the rocks?

You can 'drive' this google streetview on the road.



Pioneer Register

I shot a series so you can get an idea of how high the names are off the canyon floor. The NPS site has the story of Pioneer Register:

I drew a yellow circle around the names cared in the wall.

Shots about half way down the canyon.

You can see where there were telegraph wires hung from the canyon wall.

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