Bighorn Sheep in the Logan Pass parking lot - Glacier NP


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We had just arrived at the Logan Pass parking lot about 6:30AM, intending to hike on the Highline Trail (more to come on the Highline 😳). Yes, if you want a parking spot, you need to get there early! At 6:30AM the lot was about 75% full and filling quickly.

We were getting our packs and shoes on and I had just put the camera on my pack strap when someone said, "sheep!". The Bighorn Sheep were running into the parking lot where we had pulled in not five minutes before. They were probably no more than 100 feet from us and at one point probably 25 feet, which is way to close for my comfort!

Evidently this lady didn't see the sign or didn't understand wild animals are to be highly respected at all times, as in keep your distance! My 300mm zoom lens kept me at a distance.

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Nice clear shots Wayne. Some people just don’t read. Glad to hear you still rock a camera, all the people my age have replaced those with these fancy phones or whatever they got now.