Big Horn Mountains

We have paid to stay at 2 campgrounds in the Big Horn Mountains, Tye Hack and Sitting Bull. They both hold different aspects of the mountains. Tye Hack has a reservoir that is amazing to kayak, the water is so clear you can see trees still standing deep in its depths. This campground has water available and trash containers. It also has bears and moose. There is no electricity and you will have to travel a few miles to the dump station. The other place we paid was Sitting Bull Campground, no amenities, just wonderful pastoral views. Prune Creek is another beautiful campground with the occasional moose walk thru.
A note about moose and dogs, moose hate dogs! Do not go walking down stream beds that are line with willows, that is where the moose like to eat and move around. And the moose are not afraid of you or your dog. Be safe.

The best camping in the Big Horns are the many opportunities for boondocking. Many are not easy to find yet are worth it. The most beautiful nights of almost touching the Milky Way can be had there.
Where did you boondock? We are going through that area on I-90 in August and would love to pull off somewhere and enjoy those stars! When we are just passing through on our way somewhere, we prefer to just boondock, it's easier and cheaper.

We'll have to remember that dogs and moose don't mix when we're at Glacier. Thanks for the tip.
These places are out of your way if going on I-90.
The best way to find spots is to go to Google maps, satellite view and follow Hwy16 West out of Buffalo Wy. These side roads are sometimes nothing more than a worn path, Lost Cabin Road or Rd #31 is on the north side of 16, just follow it back until it opens to the meadow. Hazelton Rd or #3 turn South to the first sharp left and follow it to the meadow. On down 16 is Lake View Campground with a nice lake and views. Sitting Bull is north on Rd #432, you follow along Lake Creek. These roads are seldom marked and easy to miss, and a reminder there is very little to no cell phone reception in the mountains, just another reason we love them.
The Big Horn Mtns are wonderful. I've been through several times, on both US14 and US16. Never stayed in that area, but I can believe it's as nice there as all the other places in the state.