Beat this sunrise!


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I took these pictures a couple mornings ago. I'd say about once per week we get a similar sunrise.


Okay it's on. I'll have to hunt around a bit. You get used to them Wayne and stop taking pics after a while. ;)
only one I have. I guess its sunrise before the sun got its chance.. I do remember it was early, I was on the bike somewhere in northern Arkansas. memory says I was on US 62.. and I thought to myself hey, that is cool and I am actually stopped and I have a camera.. so take a pic.

The moon here is incredibly bright. We were outside looking at it and you wouldn't have much trouble reading a book.
Perfect moment for a sunset and sunrise. I never find the right moment or place lol. I’ve been wanting to do a sunset and sunrise picture with this new iPhone I bought back in September.
No, a 13 Pro. I'll keep it until it dies.
Those are great as well. My coworker has a green one. I think it’s an awesome green hahaha normally not a green fan. In my opinion the Pro models are worth the extra little bit of money over the regular. I kinda want to keep this 15 Pro till it dies but I’ve never kept a phone active more than a few years but since I bought this one straight out I might since I don’t have to worry about anything.