Be careful out there!

We have pulled our trailer about 5,000 miles already this year. We see things done pulling RVs that really make you wonder if the driver has much if any experience pulling a trailer or even tried to understand how to tow safely. There are three things that stick out to us.

No weight distribution or anti-sway

Driving way too fast

Troubles backing trailer

We wrote this "Towing Safely" guide, specifically because we saw so many examples of unsafe towing.

I can't believe how many people I see without a WD hitch or sway control. Last trip asked me why I have one with a 1 ton.
I said "because I have 35 feet of trailer hanging out behind me and it stays nice and solid. Rather be safe than sorry"
We have a 1 ton and I've pulled our 30' Airstream both on the ball and with the Propride. Never would I pull without anti-sway, given the choice. The different between with and without is nearly terrifying and all it takes is one time for the amplitude of the sway to exceed the ability of the tow vehicle to counter it and you have a disaster. Swerving to miss a deer or an accident, strong crosswinds combined with the pressure wave of a passing semi, etc.

You'll get anti-sway religion when you see enough trailer sway accidents, we've certainly seen our share.