Are you from an RV/camping family?

No, I've never even been in a camper/RV before we started looking in 2018. I'll bet I'm an anomaly, as most people that buy RVs probably had experience with camping growing up.
Yes as a kid our family camper. My dad had an Argosy, which was a white painted version of Wayne's Airstream.
Tom did not yet I did, of course that was when camping was camping and not glamping! Our camper was a station wagon my Dad outfitted. There was a long low box built on the top to carry everything in, which doubled as a sleeping space. The back hatch swung open where he had fixed a mini kitchen. A place for a little 2 burner camp stove, a hole for a water basin and some shelving. Then the back seat would fold down and be more sleeping space. My Dad loved trout and fly fishing along with rock hounding, so many of our trips included these activities. Many wonderful memories! They got their first camper in the 60's a tiny Boeler it was a good thing my parents were not real tall, I think it was only 6' at its tallest.
Zzman, do you camp at all? Or considering it?

No not really. I tried tent camping and hated it. But my brother has a camper and loves to go and sometimes I've visit. I also have a friend who just sold his 36-foot older motorhome for a nicer 30 + foot motorhome.

Maybe try a camper - it's wonderful! (of course that's a bit subjective)