Anyone have experience with the Camco Rhino Extreme sewer hose?


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We are about to move into the trailer for a couple months, as our kitchen is going to be remodeled. I moved the trailer to the campground today and am in need of a longer sewer hose. Our current hose was going to need to be replaced anyway, because it's a cheapo and has been used about 300 nights in many campgrounds. It shows signs of cracking and won't accordion back into stow length anymore.

Has anyone used the Rhino Extreme hose? It's a bit expensive and does get great reviews. I want one that will last and will return to it's stow length after it's been in use for a long time.

Interested to see how you like it (them?). I don't have any problems out of my regular Camco hose, but you can tell that it will eventually wear out, just from how stiff the material is. It can't keep on flexing like that forever. These will probably be the upgrade once I wear through mine.
I got it today and hooked it up. My first impressions are that it is build very well and the flexible vinyl is much softer and a whole lot more flexible than the cheap hose I've had for the past 5 years. The ends have gaskets that really seal the joint well and the ends all have tabs so you can grip as you twist. the 20' kit comes with end caps and a see-through elbow so you can see what's going down. :)
I think I'm really going to like this hose!





I have one; it's decent.
I would say to manage your expectations; it's not a miracle product. It will be better than the cheap ones, but it is still a product that endures a lot of temps and chemicals and UV light.
No experience with the hose, i use a thetford titan. I do use the clear rhino elbow like you posted above.